Where’s Taurus now? And other thoughts.

Where's Taurus


6 thoughts on “Where’s Taurus now? And other thoughts.

  1. I scribble, some I would leave it for weeks, some I would throw them right away, but the good one often comes and goes in my mind just like the last breeze of summer, unexpected, and never come back if I don’t grab it.

    and so I learn to catch a shooting star.

  2. Greetings kc,

    honoured that you stopped by my blog. I’m just recovering from cataract surgery which should give me an even sharper eye to size up your posts!

    But if they’re anything like the above, then ‘vision’ will easily be seceded by pleasure!

    When coming face to face with words in a journal, they jump up at me and I am always so filled with delight!

  3. One of my favorite pictures is the inside of Frida Khalos journal..it is a piece of art in and of itself..
    my journals do not look so organized 🙂

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