Friends I’ve never seen


You read while I’m sleeping or looking away.

In the morning I find your footprints in the poetry.

Imagine your voices, like sunlight on water.


Thank you.




10 thoughts on “Friends I’ve never seen

  1. Chris,

    It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it? I’ve been a writer all my life but academic stuff- articles, book chapter, and even a book. But until I started writing my blog, I had never known what it was like to feel the real support of fellow writers and poets and artists, as I do know. Friends I’ve never seen.

    I cannot imagine ever going back. This is where I belong, feeling the pull of the work, and carried forward by the amazing kindness of those who take their precious time to read what I wrote and to leave me their footprint.

    Chris, you captured perfectly those feelings in yet another gem of micro-poetry.

    Thank you.


  2. There are times when a poem can capture a feeling far more efficiently than prose could ever hope to, as you have done so perfectly here. I thank you for it.

  3. Hello fellow Canadian Chris:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking some posts. It gave me a chance ro find your blog and check out your creativity through poetry, drawing and sculpture. You are talented, my friend (to be?) unseen.


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