Forest echo

Footprints in the frost.

She looks over her shoulder

and barks at nothing.




4 thoughts on “Forest echo

  1. Intriguing, and yes, Tao is always my favourite philosophy of life =).
    I just checked that Canadian celebrate thanksgiving in Oct. But both Singapore and Malaysia do celebrate Christmas.

    Thanks Chris, it is my honour to have a friend like you, and thanks for caring and words.


    • KC, it is also an honour and pleasure for me to share this friendship. Thank you for your recent comments. I’m glad to see that you have begun to write again. Your words always ring with such kindness and deep sincerity. And a great appreciation for life. I hope that you are well.


      • Dear Chris

        I am too grateful for our friendship here. I truly am grateful for everything that has happened in my life, and to treasure every people that I have met, and shared a moment with.


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