Pencil drawing from 1985.


20 thoughts on “Flight

    • Thank you. I love the pencil all the way from 8B to 6H. I find it kind of a sculptural medium actually. Is that odd? Flight as a sculpture eh? I’ll have to give that some thought.

      Cheers, Chris

    • I just happened to step into the studio as you made this comment. Annie Lennox is singing “A whiter shade of pale”. I’m sanding a piece of wood and making a few notes in a book… but I had to stop for a sec to respond. It’s great that you love the hand! I’m fond of this drawing because of the incredible stillness and silence it makes me feel – but – the explosion is in the hand. The momentum. Thanks Linda!


  1. Dear Chris,
    Seeing your work has recently awakened a side of me that’s been lying dormant for many years. The appreciation of art. The appreciation of the work that flowed from the hand of another being. Your work makes me pause. Thank you so much. Sharon

    • Thanks so much Sharon. I’m beginning to circle and dive into sculpture again. My visual art runs and then takes long pauses, with the gaps tending to be filled with writing. Writing. Drawing. Or sculpture, it seems I can ever only work on one discipline at a time. It will be interesting to see if I can maintain the writing and sculpture together this time around. I’m hoping I will be able to because of the simple spontaneity that the blog allows. We’ll see.


  2. The composition is excellent, and the ‘strength in the stretching’ in the body to the palm are felt too, and two things that intrigue me is that shades of the body, and the Sun.


    • Hariod, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed some of my other work. I’m not doing much visual art at all these days (beyond the design projects I do for a living). Have a great day!

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