In the beginning

The body is ancient

and complete. Quiet ancestor

at one with the world.


Bone, saltwater and nerves.

It’s not the eye separating

itself from what is seen.


Sitting in the semi-dark,

still sleepy, primal and dim.

Sky washed in orange red light.


A tangle of tin stars

hang from a thin wire

in the living room window.


Scratch the cat’s ear and dog’s belly.

Soft focus and the smell of coffee.

Mind dull enough to know things,


until the telephone rings.




5 thoughts on “In the beginning

  1. A new friend introduced me to your site.It is remarkable how you are able to capture the magical times of serenity and remind others of it’s sacredness.I am also very drawn to your July 2012 posting of your sculpture and am curious about what you were thinking while creating it.

    • Thank you for your kind words regarding the site (and certainly thanks to your friend for suggesting the writing!).

      Aaah… the sculpture – that’s a big topic. The quick answer is that when working I am constantly and fluidly circling and making decisions based on feeling and my relationship with what is emerging. It’s far more about process than object. That said, of course, the process is centred around discovery and refinement of the object.

      Oh “M” please don’t get me started. Interesting point – whatever has motivated and been behind my work for the past decade (emphasis on journey) changed recently when – out of the blue – I was offered a commission for a major piece of public sculpture. In this case process is important – but with partners and interests – understanding and communicating the “destination” is a major part.

      Thanks again for your visit and words.

      Cheers, Chris

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