Grinning dog blues

This morning I woke up heavy, having forgotten that I was blessed. It must’ve happened sometime in the night between eyes open and squeezed shut. Sitting in the living room playing solitaire. Making unnecessary trips down the hall in the dark. Wind roiling my blood like caffeine. I’ve felt this way before. Toss the Tao Te Ching. Ghost walk the dog. Footprints and shadow. Barely a thought, which should please me but doesn’t. Give myself a shake and still come up grey. I think I’ll name this day. Nah. Did I mention that it’s raining and the tarp’s blown off the firewood? Noticed that gem as I pulled out of the driveway with the grinning dog. Red scarf around her neck so a hunter doesn’t accidentally shoot her. Seriously. Mistaking her for what? A polar bear? It could happen. On a morning like this.



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