Writer’s mind

Wherever I look I see poetry. On the coffee table, sidewalk and trail. The idea makes me so excited that I close my eyes, trip over rocks, walk into trees and almost step on a frog. I get home with a head full of words but no idea where I’ve been.



8 thoughts on “Writer’s mind

  1. Chris,

    Your post made me think of Suzuki’s words in Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind where he says that keeping your beginner’s mind is the key not just to Zen practice but to everything and especially the arts. I imagined you walking along seeing all your poetry with your beginner’s mind- all things fresh and unique and amazing- as a child sees the wonder of nature.

    Ain’t life grand?


    • I dunno Tom. I seem to have done it again. A while ago I wrote Cannonball Splash to complain about a noisy mind and readers were reminded of the joy of youth and summer. I tried again… this time it’s so noisy that I’m tripping, stumbling and forgetting where I’ve been… and you seeing child-like wonder. Hmmm. Good thing I’m a big fan of beginner’s mind because something tells me I’m going to have to take another crack at this. I love it. Yep, life is grand for sure!

  2. You have been and will go again where few dwell … on the shores of muse, at the precipice of sanity … I like it there. I think you do too -:)!

  3. What’s important is the ‘almost’ when it comes to stepping on frogs… almost is so close… and yet it’s not. Sometimes it breaks our hearts… and sometimes it saves our souls.

    • That – is a very true statement Shimon. And if it is in fact the essence of the entire piece (which I now feel it may be), I’m feeling much better about things. Soul saved perhaps?

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