natural moves

Don’t linger upon

your graceful handling

of dish and rag.


The dancer’s freedom

is choreographed, yet she

moves with abandon.


Sit on the step

tie your shoes, grab your hat

stand up and walk away.




5 thoughts on “natural moves

  1. Chris,

    It’s Saturday morning and I’m reading other people’s work and this poem knocked me down with its lyricism, simplicity, sheer beauty, and great, great message.

    Experiencing this poem, this morning, was a special moment.

    Thank you.


    • Wow. Thank you Tom. The warmth of your comment means a lot and is very much appreciated. Thanks also for sharing the poem on Twitter. Hope all is well and that you enjoyed the rest of your Saturday.

      Cheers, Chris

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting David. That middle stanza just fell into place and fit with my thinking at the moment. Its a line I’ve returned often to, which usually isn’t the case once I’ve written something. Actually, I usually write something, tie up my shoes, stand up and walk away.

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