Love not this world

We buy our eggs from a Mennonite family who live on the Loch Broom Loop. At the end of their driveway by the mailbox there are two signs. One is always the same. Brown Eggs for Sale (No Sunday Sales). The other changes regularly for reasons I don’t know. Sometimes I imagine it may reflect someone’s mood. Fearful and foreboding. Hopeful and inspiring. Stern. Forgiving.

Lately the sign has said, LOVE NOT THIS WORLD.

Arranging these lines I almost step on a small, spotted frog. Glistening gem in the wet grass. The other day I almost did the same to a snake. Writing in my head. Walking blind. Startled awake.

I know and understand the sign. It’s common to many religions and spiritual paths. The problem is, I really like the world. Hell, I’d go so far as to say I love it. There are thousands, maybe millions of minnows in the fishway this morning. My approach scares off a pair of kingfishers.




10 thoughts on “Love not this world

  1. Chris, there’s so much familiar to me in your beautiful “little” story here- writing in my head, feeling sometimes a dissonance between the teachings and my feelings, and for sure that part about loving the world. The trees, the sky, the animals, the wind, the rain, and on and on.

    Such a simple and lovely piece of writing.


  2. Hallo Chris

    I understand LOVE NOT THIS WORLD to mean, not to ‘not love this world,’ but rather to love it in a non-attached way.


    • Oh…. alright then… as long as we’re not holding back the love for something brighter and shiner on some other side. How about – love this world with an overripe and bursting heart… and smile deep as you move along?

  3. There are so many ways to relate to life… to our very existence… that I try to be open to the paths of others, especially when they are motivated by some kind of religion. But I can tell you, that I do love this world with all my heart… and no sign could possible dissuade me from that love, and so I understand your reservation, and appreciate your sharing it here. And I love loving too. For me, it is catching a glimpse of god.

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