Warm rain falls as I stand, soaked at the water’s edge. Sound of waves on a grey white day. Close my eyes to listen. Open to see. Looking for presence and a quiet place that’s not to be found.

Heading back, something causes hundreds of gulls to lift off a sandbar. Herring, Bonaparte and Ring Billed. The air is full. And then, as though one great mind changes. They hear, see, know. Something. Wings stop and slowly, one at a time they drift back down to earth. And I find what I was looking for.



4 thoughts on “Something

  1. Chris,

    I love this passage. The peace they live is what we seek.

    In the book, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, Suzuki tells a story of the frog. The frog sits peacefully- if something interesting comes by, he takes a look- if an insect presents itself, he eats. A Zen creature- like the birds.

    Thanks for the great image and thought.


  2. Chris – hello! I came upon your blog through a comment you left on Tom Ross’s blog. I’m paging down and loving what I am reading. Deep, thought-provoking, honest. This passage particularly makes me think of seeking something..and hard and not finding it and then once I let it go, what I seek is found.
    Thank you and I look forward to sharing our work. Heather

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