The garden path

I in my head

and you in your garden.


I reach for a higher place.

You press seeds into the earth,

nurture and watch them grow.


I contemplate mindfulness

as you patiently pick beetles

off the potato plants.




6 thoughts on “The garden path

  1. We all play from our own strengths —
    some folks will see this is a seedbed for creativity — interplay of the opposites can create a powerful team —
    Others might out of their own dynamics see this is a the seedbed that leads to estrangement—
    The power of perception governs all in human affairs, and no one is spared the discipline of giving it significant energy —
    And the decisions we come to are critical crossroads—

    • Must admit Al. I don’t see quite the drama or potential for conflict that you’ve interpreted here. I thought of it as a simple acknowledgment and appreciation of different paths. With perhaps a gentle jab at the seeker.

      • Thanks Chris — my reflection is simply a reflection on your reflection!
        All human statements whether of prose or poetry, fantasy or presumed fact, invite a variety of personal reflections—
        I think —-

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