In this space


What to do in this space.

Of time.


Stare at the screen.

Draw lines on a page.

Grab the keys and go.


Sun rises in the east

passes overhead and sets in the west.

This from birth to death.


But everything changes.


Will I pace between moments.

Run from one hour to the next.

See or miss the day.


Cormorant disappears,

dives for a silver mackerel.

Muskrat swims just below the surface.


Will I wander aimlessly.

Seek some near or distant point.

Or live undecided.


Rain falls. Snow melts.

A robin nests by our door.

The telephone rings.


I grab the keys and go.



2 thoughts on “In this space

  1. Chris, this beautiful poem resonates with my experience. It speaks to me as a person who seeks to lose all illusions and all resistance and thus- in the words of the Tao- become “ready for death.”

    Just beautiful work.


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