Dog Tao

Big black smudge

stink of dead fish

on the dogs back.


Alright. Alright.

Not “bad dog”.


Dog Tao.


Scrub her and curse.

Leave her outside.

Turn it into poetry.


My Tao.



3 thoughts on “Dog Tao

  1. Good imagery Chris –having just come back from our tripo to the Eastern Shore–met lots of dogs enjoying the Ocean with all its smells and treasures, We had wonderful weather, which in that area makes a huge difference. And it is a great place to meditate on the ways of the Tao — and having a dog is big help in that!

    • Good morning and thanks for this, both Percy Six and Seven are delightful portraits of life with a dog. Your comment on a poem that was written 5 years ago is incredibly timely (and coincidental?) as just yesterday… it was exactly this dog tao all over again.

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