Transition is so easily romanticized. Tough moment leads to rebirth. Lessons learned. A few wise lines and all is well.

I don’t find anything momentary or momentous about transition. Nothing simple, superficial or quick to sum up. I’ve experienced none that did not involve years and the ups and downs of suffering.

Calamity strikes. We survive and dig ourselves out of the darkness. See daylight. Feel relief, maybe some ecstasy and then set out to find home again. The one we were born into. We felt the blow but never really see when the bruise disappears. We’re closer though, smarter and appreciate everything a little more. We have transitioned. Until the next time.



5 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Just this morning I thought: “I knew this wave will crash and isn’t it always like this, that it feels most unpleast when you are at the crest.” And doesn’t it take years to trust, to even notice: Here we go again…So after all this years couldn’t we find a little courage to at least enjoy it a bit and dare to laugh.
    Also: Don’t we always miss to find the light inside while it is dark getting lost in waiting for the sunshine.
    Glad not to be alone. Thank you for your post.

  2. Another deep and thoughtful reflection on the mysterious business we call life —
    Start putting these words to music Chris, and you will sound something like Leonard Cohen!
    The complex weave of life — you both have a powerful appreciation of that —
    and may it long be so —-

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