A glorious morning!

Getting out of the car, a low flying crow drifts through bright blue sky. My heart opens wide. My eyes. My ears. Everything is fresh as spring completes its nesting, mating, greening movement toward summer. On the path, one hand raised with the phone-that-does-everything I record birdsong. Approaching the fishway it stinks of fish, there are so many gathered, packed, pushing and streaming toward some inner calling. A dozen blue heron lift off. A marmot bolts across the path.


I get up off my knees where my face has been pressed to a steel grate, awed by the determined struggle of salmon pushing up the ladder. An eagle watching. Cormorants too.

And then I see our poison.


This thing we let happen. Hatch and allow for any human excuse that will make it okay. The wind, coming from the north today is bringing it across the water. Over the dam. It descends and all but blocks out Green Hill. Last week I saw it do the same to Pictou. I am frozen, as one with the knowledge of death. We are killing ourselves.

An hour later I taste it still.



6 thoughts on “Poison

  1. A stunning, remarkable–and painful — set of contrasting images Chris–It leaves me with a deeper perception of the steep price we humans pay for the industrial materialsm that we all feast upon –indeed live upon — in our daily lives.
    And we are all complicit to a greater or lesser degree — if only by silent acceptance —

  2. Hey Chris – like most of your work, you describe things so eloquently that I can ‘see’ what you describe. Strikingly beautiful and ugly at the same time….hmmm. This post made me think of what I saw when I left two weeks ago. The beauty that is everywhere I miss already; the other, not.

  3. Chris, this was written so beautifully….but sadly, the poison is still with it along with all the beautiful surroundings…..hopefully, this new social group will accomplish what they are trying to do….take care…..Sylvia….

    • Thanks for your comment Sylvia (nice to hear from you!). The group seems to have some real momentum, a lot of very good, passionate people. Here’s hoping, and working toward change.


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