Sitting on the deck this morning the unexpected sunshine was irrelevant to the weight I woke up with. Took to bed last night. Walked around with all week.

It’s true we lost our water for several days, that’s just part of it though. It’s back but running brown through the faucet so we’re still bringing in buckets of rainwater and driving to a spring for drinking water. That will change again soon enough. Our front yard and garden was dug up for the second time in a year. Hours before the tap went dry we were reminiscing about living in the woods with our babies without water or electricity. How long ago was that? Cloth diapers, 101 recipes with rhubarb, the truth about poverty and the kindness of a Credit Union banker who would lend us money for groceries and life. Everything changes.

Yesterday the neighbourhood ospreys returned to find a pair of eagles had moved into and renovated the nest they’ve kept for years. An aerial battle ensued between the easy, larger-than-thou, lord of the sky and the swift, determined, sudden and unexpectedly homeless one. This morning the massive tangle of twigs and branches atop the tall leaning pole was empty. For now.

There is a mystery in Mira’s hip that makes it difficult for her to get up. Something invisible bearing down on her. Otherwise she seems fine, perhaps a bit less of a pup. She went for x-rays this morning and is asleep beside me now. I’m supposed to be writing and designing a website for a client, but doing this instead. Dealing with the weight.

Sometimes you wake up and the unexpected sunshine doesn’t really matter. That’s okay though. It will again tomorrow or maybe the next day.




5 thoughts on “Faith

  1. You are not alone. Sharing your soul’s life, your real life takes courage and confidence – those very traits that take you through the dark passages back into sunlight that you will feel again. Thanks for sharing your beautiful sensitive writing, Chris.

  2. Very beautifully expressed Chris. It is so important for us to just BE with what we feel rather than to analyse or explain or push away that which we feel deeply. I love this.

  3. Thank you for your comments, they’re always much appreciated! It was just one of those weeks I’m afraid. Sudden, unexpected and distracting in all the wrong ways.

    I’m pleased to report that clear, clean water is flowing from our faucets once again and the excavators did a pretty good job of putting the front yard back together.

    Results of the x-rays were very good with Mira. There is still some mystery around what’s going on but the worry has been eased.

    I’m fond of the eagles, but my heart skipped a step when I saw the osprey sitting in the nest yesterday evening. That will be an ongoing battle however, as the eagles reclaimed the roost this morning.

    And so, another week flows by.

    Tomorrow our daughter turns 30! I don’t think any of my own birthdays have ever made me quite so reflective about my age as this one of hers. Have a wonderful weekend, and again – thanks for your comments!


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