Eagle in the Bedroom

Last night an eagle came in through the bedroom window. There was a great commotion in black and white, beating wings and splintered moonlight. He settled under the simple wooden table where I draw and write letters. An occasional passing car swept the room with light and we regarded one another. Fell back into shadow. Regarded one another. Eventually the cars stopped and clouds covered the moon.

He was still there in the morning, looking rested and alert.



Bucket List Item

I would like to change my perception of time

to something more like space and less like gravity.

More passage than pursuit. Less of a wolf and more of a wing.

Skin Deep in the New World

First day back at school

there’s a girl with long blonde braids in yellow buckskin.

A boy with a frosted Mohawk smoking a cigarette.


Driving by, I vaguely recall

the need to be cool or invisible.

Anything but noticed for the wrong reasons.