On Provost


Sitting in the car on the main street of New Glasgow

I was talking on the phone when a whitetail deer appeared.

She ran down the sidewalk, distressed and devoid of grace.

Slipping, went left at the intersection and disappeared.


Provost Street at dusk. All emptiness and wrong.



3 thoughts on “On Provost

  1. Hi Chris,
    Im thinking that you must be visiting with your spirit, connecting at a deeper level, re-educating, resetting your engrained filters. You are on the spirit journey, aware of tHe things that go unnoticed moreso now. Are you alone in glasglow?
    With why is going on in Japan, the earth shifting it’s axis, perhaps we are like the whitetail deer you witnessed. … And we so want to know how it all turns out.
    Was the deer able to recover….did you see anymore of nature’s world events?

  2. Hi Marion,

    Thanks for your insightful comments (and for subscribing to the blog). The idea of “resetting engrained filters” is really interesting and thought provoking. These are indeed troublesome times and it’s often strange to balance our own very tangible realities with the global ones the media is bringing us.

    Seeing the deer running down the sidewalk was incredibly sad. It was so surreal but all too “real”. There is no way that I could capture the impact of the incident or how deep of a chord it struck… It must have been a nightmare for her.

    No I wasn’t alone in Glasgow – “New” Glasgow is very close to where we live. I had an afternoon meeting, went for a beer with a friend and was sitting in the car calling Agnes to let her know I was running late ~ when the deer ran by.

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