Artist’s Statement

I’m creating artifacts. Things to leave behind. Writing. Drawings. Carvings. Some exposed roots. Father. Grandfather. He made those things. He was an artist. Part of our story. I am casting a line into the future. Maybe it’s vanity, but I don’t think so. These things are an offering, a gift to the unborn from an ancestor. That’s what I’m doing early in the morning in the studio. At night in the little room at the back of the garage. Marking the cave walls.

No he didn’t make his living as an artist, but it ran deep in him. He could have. I can. I can feel it, the child says leaning over her page and beginning to draw.


4 thoughts on “Artist’s Statement

  1. Love it – fits into my train of thought about being an immigrant,
    leaving my family of origin behind and starting a new family line in Nova Scotia.

    • Funny that the line is half way between where each of us was born and raised. On one side ocean. The other forest. Lots of history and geography between Felde, West Germany, Port Arthur, Ontario and Durham, Nova Scotia.

  2. I love this. And it’s not vanity. Everything we know about the heart and soul of a people comes from the stories and artifacts it leaves behind.

    I found this once and really liked it:

    We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies.
    ~ Shirley Abbott

    • What an awesome quote Roxanna… and true. I know how much I appreciate the few artifacts that I have from my families history and wish sometimes that I had a deeper layer or two. Around 50, I realized that my motivation for doing art had changed and this (which was originally written a few years ago) seemed closer to the truth and definitely more relevant to my life then and now.
      As always… thanks Roxanna.

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