Self Portrait 2: Breathing

11:00 a.m. Set the timer on my computer for 15 minutes. Throw a fabric runner with a forgotten history on top of the printer. Light a tea light in the small bowl that Adrain gave me. Strike the meditation bowl. Sit on a wool blanket folded on the threadbare, cat scratched couch. And stop.

Sometimes this practice is a tangle of thoughts and distraction.  Other times it’s like watching a rare bird. Careful, quiet and concentrated. Momentary. At the best of times I watch my breath like the sun rising and setting, awed by the natural, uninhibited ease of existing.

And then I go back to work, a little different than before.


2 thoughts on “Self Portrait 2: Breathing

  1. Hi Roxanna. Oliver Reimer is an artist and friend from Thunder Bay. When we first moved back from Germany I got quite involved with the artist community there and we did a lot of trading. The painting was a trade for a drawing. I love it. It’s usually in the living room but was in the studio while the Christmas tree was up. It’s called Africa. I haven’t seen Oliver in about 20 years, but awhile ago I searched online and found him… to tell him how much I enjoyed having the painting as part of our lives. The photo shows about a third of it.

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