I wonder what would happen thought Willy standing in his pyjamas on the edge of the pier counting stars on the still surface of the sea looking up and down and up again. If I jumped would I swim or fly whispered as a giant codfish rising cracked the heavens and swallowed him whole.
Lillian MacIsaac sitting on the edge of her bed watching Willy out so late caught her reflection in the window. Long straight hair face in shadow glitter stars and planets on a purple nightgown. Willy the wharf and sea blurred beyond she shifted her view just as a giant cod rose and swallowed him whole.
Thomas MacIsaac took the stairs six at a time her scream shaking neighbours and dogs from quiet dreams to startled bark and shout great blue heron lifted off the surface cormorants razorbills and common eider he threw open the door burst into the room. Too late for she was gone.
Sketch was a mongrel shepherd collie and mountain dog. His black and carmel fur soft and heavy eyes brown and friendly. He looked from the wharf to the upstairs window. Silhouette and shadow scent of cod splash and scream and he began to bay.

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