Thank you!

Thank you for an amazing first week with Ghost Bird. Despite having hundreds of pages of poetry and prose buried in boxes and backed up on drives, rarely have I shared my writing and then only with a few. Last week that changed. As a result I was more preoccupied with creative writing than I have been in years and the wings of my imagination stretched into every day.
Last week you visited this blog hundreds of times! Instead of writing as a personal exercise or meditation, suddenly I began writing for you. I hope that I can continue to entertain, hold your interest and perhaps inspire a thought or smile. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to visit!
Cheers, Chris
PS. If you know anyone else who might enjoy the writing, please feel free to share the link.

6 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. This made me smile, to read this. When I began to meet with a writing group about four years ago, reading excerpts of works in progress nearly weekly, my drive to write only increased. I’d feared sharing my words, but instead of being paralyzed, I was inspired. That has only increased since I began posting here on my blog two and a half years ago. I’m glad to be back after the better part of a year avoiding the page. In the past two weeks I’ve written more than in the past year. I haven’t done it for a while, but reading my pieces to an audience forms an even more immediate and intimate connection with my work. My 50th birthday is coming up and it happens to fall on one of the two days of the month that an open mic for new works is held at a place for writers here in Seattle. That’s how I’ve decided to commemorate and celebrate the day, by sharing my voice.

    • It’s exciting that you plan on sharing your work through reading!! And that your writing is starting to catch fire.
      50 was very good milestone for me. It was the time when I stepped back and looked at my motivations – particularly as an artist. They had changed a lot! But I was still driving in the old grooves. It was a liberating time. I’m approaching 60 this year. Good luck with the open mike!

      • When one is in the midst of a change, it’s difficult to be fully aware of it, but a do sense that 50 may be a milestone for me as well. I’m just not certain about what shape it will take, what shape my creative work will take, but I’m certain of very few things anymore and I look forward to witnessing the unfolding of what comes next.
        Thanks for well-wishes! Last night I read four of my poems to an audience of 50-60 people, primarily fellow writers. I’m always a bit nervous with anticipation, but once I stood at the mic, I exhaled and simply read. It felt completely natural and the audience response was incredibly encouraging. The work evolved in the process. Have you ever read your work publicly?

      • Happy belated Birthday! 50 is good.

        50-60 in the audience. That’s a hefty crowd and sounds like your reading went well. Congratulations Carolin. Cool way to step into the next bunch of years. It will be interesting to see where your work goes. “Unfolding” is one of my favourite words.

        No, I have never read my work publicly. I’m a little too self-conscious and insecure for that. But I imagine it’s a rush. And I know that poetry is meant to be read aloud.

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