A note in the middle of J.H. White’s 6 minute echo.



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5 thoughts on “Echoes

  1. bradley manning, 35 years with parole in eight, edward snowden in hiding in russia, we love to hear the truth, no wonder it’s obscure

  2. Thanks Chris for sharing this…

    The quote is actually “the need to know and the need to save obscure truth”
    but I think the “need to say” is a branch from the same tree … This is a perfect example of a “living language” ….language alive and well here!

    • Living language indeed! I was working on a more lengthy response to your comment and ended up with a new post. It’s funny, I’m very reluctant to write a lot about… well anything really… but especially those things where opinion and interpretation meet large, living and breathing topics like truth. I’m a big fan of haiku… black capped chickadees and falling snow work best for me. An arrow pointing.

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