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Summer Update

I’m afraid this summer the poet and sculptor within, have given way to the activist I didn’t know was there. It has been impossible for me not to respond to the unjust and increasingly unbearable circumstances in my community. I’m working with a couple of different groups and at the same time creating ads that I’m posting on social media sites. It’s a very sad situation of corporate greed, indifference and government incompetence.

I do miss my friends here and the WordPress community and look forward to getting back to you and my Reader.


Orange daylilies

Orange daylillies were blooming





Cloud Moon Dragon

Cloud MoonDragon

Moon waxing gibbous

Waxing Gibbous


Unwritten haiku

everywhere. The sacred

common in simple acts.


Live for this;


coffee by the pond.

Blueberries, maple syrup,

a bowl of oatmeal.


Standing in the bedroom.


Come evening; evanescent clouds,

ancient moon waxing gibbous.




Between wingtips



Free-fall tumbling

howling reaching grasping.

Finally exhausted;


between wingtips.


How were we to know?




Something that we are



Seeing me, the heron

abruptly turns in flight.


It’s something that we are.

No, not the threat.


The turning and away.

The disappearing sweep of blue-grey.





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